Challenge the status quo of traditional Data Analytics


Deliver data-driven insights without any need for coding skills, infrastructure or IT-support


The Big Picture

Maintain a holistic, yet detailed, point of view with real-time updates as the entire analysis process is made in one tool


Data Security

Protect your valuable data through locally run software and unique encryption algorithms


LEANalyser is a desktop based data analytics tool allowing for users to become remarkably independent and efficient in a completely new way. LEANalyser gives the user control of the entire data analytics process, from the importing of data, through to preparation and finally to the insights and visualisations, all in one tool. Being built with in-memory technology means that LEANalyser is able to manage 1000 times more data than spreadsheet tools. Additionally, thanks to the user friendly interface, users do not need any previous coding skills, IT support or external tools to perform their data analytics.


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“LEANalyser has become an essential part of our decision making process. When you start using it, you cannot imagine a world without it again!”

Sebastian Thunman, COO at Team Together AB

“We could instantly show the value of our innovation in water data managament”

Louise Croneborg-Jones , CEO at Water in Sight

“Break-even reached after a couple of months when investing in BI with LEANalyser”

Johan Englesson, CEO at Englesson Sweden AB
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