- A True Self-Service Analytics Tool

The Workflow of LEANalyser

Data is everywhere. Insights are everything.
With all necessary features gathered in one single tool - you don’t need to be an IT professional or data analyst to explore your data in an agile way.


Load your data

Drag and drop data from multiple data sources and in various formats into the tool. Data will automatically be joined together and reloaded when new data is available


Prepare your data

Clean and collate your data at any time during the analysis process through a vast set of data prep functionality


Analyse your data

Aggregate by categories, drill-down to details or study it over time to identify trends with functionality optimized for Self-Service Analytics. Automise the entire analysis process in just a few clicks.

Technical Facts


  • Stores all data in RAM
  • Handles a billion data points on 32 GB of RAM
  • Database updates in real-time
  • Unique encryption algorithms 


  • Supports multiple file formats (text, csv, xlsx, sie4)
  • Supports data from the web (HTML, files) and has connector to SQL server
  • Desktop-based and runs locally
  • Native clients for Windows and Mac

Unique Features

Self Service

  • Automatic recognition of data types and relations
  • Visual importation, data preparation and data profiling
  • Automatic reload of data without scripting
  • Optimised set of functions for self service analytics

Analytical Database

  • Advanced filtering functions
  • Support for hierarchical dimensions
  • Vertical and horisontal drill-down
  • Built-in calendar and time functions

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