Advanced Text Search

Sometimes more complex text searches are required in order to clean your data set or find specific combinations of text. Imagine you want to select all texts that start with “ABC” but have various endings. By using specific syntax this can easily be obtained with LEANalyser, the mentioned example would look like this:


The \-character acts as flag, telling LEANalyser that the characters that follow should be regarded as an advanced search string. The following characters will, when occurring after the back-slash sign, get a special meaning:

Symbol Meaning Example Will find Will not find
* any text string \*age storage, CAGE ageing, cages
? any (single) character \?wan swan, Ewan Taiwan, wanted
^ case (capital/small letter) is significant ^Ltd Ltd, LTD ltd, lTDd
{ } groups many characters ^{Ltd} Ltd LTD, ltd, lTD
; separates strings, of which at least one must match \lon*;*ful lonely, joyful alone, fullfilment
: after characters that occur consecutively, zero or many times \a:bc BC, abc, aaabc abb, abcc
+ after characters that occur consecutively, one or many times \a+bc abc, aabc, AaABc BC
_ interval \a{b_f}c aCc, AfC akc, ABF
’ ’ enclosed characters are pure text \’a{b}’ a{b}, A{b} ab, AB
” ” enclosed characters are pure text \”a’b’c” a’b’c, a’B’C abc, a´bc

Please note that in advanced text search:

  • Capital and small letters are equivalent, if not explicitly stated otherwise (using the ^-character)
  • LEANalyser searches for exactly the string stated (but for being case insensitive). E.g. \Ab  will find AB , and aB , but not ABC.

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