Analysis Workflow

LEANalyser is unique as you can manage all steps of the data analysis process within one single tool. These steps can be seen as different modes and include loading data, preparing it and finally analysing it. Each mode is accessible throughout the entire analysis process which implies that you can jump back and forth if you need which makes ad hoc analysis extremely easy. This is a unique feature of LEANalyser and is made possible by the structure of the internal database that supports real-time updates.

Load: This is where data is imported from files, a website or a database to one or several tables. Structural modifications are also done here that affects the entire table. 

Prepare: LEANalyser automatically interprets the data by setting the field types and recognizes relations between tables with common fields. These are both editable in case its needed. The profile of the data is accessible and numerous functions for data preparation are available by right clicking columns and cells and navigating in the tool bar. All modifications to data that are applied modifies the internal database. If these modifications turn out to be wrong, data can be reloaded with just a click. The reloading function can also be set to be automatic in the case data gets updated within the source and new data points should be included for analysis.

Analyse: Three different types of analysis are available within the tool depending on what kind of data and analysis is relevant to perform. In Analyse Mode the modifications don’t apply to the internal database, only to the current analysis. Select the most suitable analysis type, visualise your findings and remember to install the analysis as a template by a right click on it if you wish to keep it for further use.

Create your analysis from scratch by navigating through the different modes!

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