Connecting to SQL

LEANalyser can easily import data directly from your SQL server. Today we support MySQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle.


  • Windows: You will use an ODBC driver to connect to your server, where the host and user need to be set up within the ODBC administration tool. Contact your DBA for further details. 
  • Mac: You will either use an ODBC driver to connect to your server, where you set up the host and user via the external iODBC administration tool, or you will need a native driver for your MySQL server. 

A data source is then defined in LEANalyser during LOAD, by selecting your data source to “SQL” and entering your user credentials. 

The point-and-click based interface enables you to import columns and entire tables from various databases on your server without writing any syntax. However, if you prefer to write it yourself, this is possible as well. LEANalyser interprets the entire set of SQL syntax. 

In PREPARE you can set the data source to be reloaded automatically which enables you to get real-time updated data from the databases.


If you wish to export data to a currently existing table you select the export tab, select ”SQL” and the destination table for your data. If you wish to export it to a new table, select the database and type in a name for the new table.

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